F-906Langzi transparent swimming float (installing the closing)

Langzi transparent swimming float (installing the closing)Model:F─906Specification:12L;450*360mmNet weight:361gMaterial: Environmentally Friendly thic

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Langzi transparent swimming float (installing the closing)



Net weight361g

Material: Environmentally Friendly thicken PVC
Gas nozzle: Aviation gas nozzle
Color: Orange ( medium clear)

This product is suitable for those who swim in rivers and lakes, open waters. winter swimming and etc., Higher security is ensured with double-balloon design. This product is safe and comfortable during use, swimmers feel free to wear and are not affected. If one feels tired, legs cramp, choked or other emergency situations during his swimming, he can grasp the drift bag against the water to deal with the discomfort. 
With environmentally friendly thicken PVC, whose thickness is 0.55MM.soft fabric is designed to provide from being rigid while used by winter swimming enthusiasts and be able to maintain a soft state.

1, You can put clothing, mobile phones into the middle of the balloon;
2, the side airbag is inflated to saturation;
3, the middle of the balloon is inflated to saturation;
4, adjust connecting belt to the handle with the other point around the waist;

Features: It can be used to install clothing, mobile phones, food, water and so on. You can open at any time in the water, it is suitable for outdoor long-distance swimming.