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Langzi swimming equipment Co., Ltd---- Committed to developing water sports products, designing and producing various of swimming floats, swimming rings, swimming belts, swimming bags, swimsuits, goggles and so on. The double-airbag swimming float( commonly known as a follower) is essential for swimmers in open water, rivers and lakes.  

As water safety guards, we know the importance of quality,and always put safety first In the choice of materials and production , because our products carry a commitment to users .

We are always in pursuit of the practical design and reliable quality to match customers' acceptance, favor and trust. Because we not only bear brand reputation, but also the weight of life!

We are the member of Chinese swimming equipment committee,and “Langzi ” has been licensed by Chinese Swimming Association . we carry out" beyond the self,pursuit excellence",and always looking forward to negotiating trade partnership with customers at home and abroad.

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