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    F-801The third generation swimming float

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    The third generation swimming floatModel:F─801Specification:10L;420*325mmNet weight: 192gMaterial: environmental friendly thicken PVCGas nozzle: GeneralColor: Orange (shark protection color)This produ

    1. Detailed information

    The third generation swimming float
    Net weight: 192g
    Material: environmental friendly thicken PVC
    Gas nozzle: General
    Color: Orange (shark protection color)

    This product is suitable for those who swim in rivers and lakes, open waters.Children and young people must be under the guidance of the proper use. Higher security is ensured with double airbags . If one felt tired, legs cramp, choked or other emergency situations during his swimming, he could immediately grasp the drift bag against the water to have a rest ,until he was recovered from the discomfort and be able to go on.
    Instructions for use:
    1, inflation: both electric-power & mouth-blown are accepted, each of air bags should be inflated around 50%. After saturation, put it in the water and press it hard to check whether it is leakage or not. Do not use it until it is ensured in good condition.
    2, belt connection: (1) pull the orange belt through the red handle, then pull one end of the belt through the ring of the other end, and tense them to the red handle.(2) put the belt through the other end to connect with the ring. (3) connect the belt in the waist and adjust the tightness.
    3, Maintenance & Storage: Keep away from sharp objects, collect it after airing.

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